Benefit Outsourcing Services

Benefit outsourcing is a new way that companies can ensure consistent benefits administration without the cost associated with maintaining a comprehensive HR staff. We provide benefit outsourcing for several of our current clients and the cost savings for the client has been significant.

Benefits outsourcing allows management to concentrate on sales and production rather than spending time and resources on employee benefits. The company is assured that all employees are being treated fairly and that benefit plans are thoroughly presented and well explained to the employees so that they may fully understand the benefits you are providing them. Changes in employee benefit elections, address updates, ID card requests, etc. are handled quickly and efficiently as are employee claims issues by outsourcing these calls to Planning Services. We have access to online carrier change forms as well as dedicated carrier service representatives that expedite these processes. Our experience allows us to quickly resolve issues and often immediately answer questions as they arise.

How It Works

  1. We collect demographic data for each location
  2. We put cases out to bid
  3. Bids received, compared, and presented to management
  4. Carrier selected by client
  5. We prepare enrollment materials & forms
  6. Visit companies & hold enrollment meetings
  7. Toll Free employee support line
  8. Forms collected and sent to carriers
  9. Ongoing management support for COBRA, FLMA, and other issues
  10. Maintaining monthly claims experience (large groups)
  11. Maintaining employee changes (new hire/termination/changes) in carrier system
  12. We work with carriers for you

Step 1: Collecting Demographic Data

Initially, we collect all of the demographic data and claims experience from each location. When companies are in multiple states plan designs may differ significantly from state to state. Also, you may want to offer multiple plan designs so that there is a base design and a buy-up plan for employees with different benefit needs. We gather all of this criteria and visit with you about your current goals and needs to fully understand what plans to look for.

Step 2: Putting Cases Out To Bid

Once we have collected all the information, we go to the carriers and examine all the available plan designs with your parameters in mind.  We then analyze your options to choose the best carrier, plan designs and rates for you to choose from.   This process can take time as we use this step to negotiate rates and benefit options with the carriers to maximize the most benefits for the least cost on your behalf. Although tedious, we feel this is one of the most important services we provide. Planning Services works for our customers, not the carriers and fight hard to obtain the best rates available among all the carriers.

Step 3: Bids Received, Compared & Presented To Management

When all of the bids are received, they are presented to management in a method that allows easy comparison of each aspect of the costs and benefits.

Step 4: Carrier Selected By Client

Once your company's management team selects the carrier, the real work begins for us. Clients may select more than one carrier; one current client uses nine different carriers.

Step 5: Preparing Enrollment Materials & Forms

We can provide enrollment material in multiple languages where appropriate. We will supply your employees with all appropriate forms, plan summaries and comprehensive information to ensure that the employees understand the benefits being presented to them.

Step 6: Visiting Companies & Holding Enrollment Meetings

In addition to detailed enrollment material, one of our staff will administer the enrollment meeting to further explain the plan and answer any general or personal questions and situations that arise. We will let the employees know that we are available to them if they have questions during the enrollment or the maintenance period of the plan. We never hard sell our plans; we do not want anyone signing up for products they do not need or cannot afford. We also work to implement in every enrollment meeting things the employees can do to keep health care costs down for both themselves and ultimately the company. We can be as little or as much involved in the enrollment process as you would like us to be.

Step 7: Toll Free Employee Support Line Set Up

We provide a customer service support toll free line for employees and dependents to call with claims questions and problems. All problems are handled with courtesy and concern for the employees or dependents time constraints. When a resolution has been reached, the insured is called back and told that the matter was resolved and what the resolution means to the employee. This allows your employee to spend as little time as possible worrying about claims issues. This also frees up your HR staff so they do not have to involve themselves with the time-consuming task of claims mitigation.

Step 8: Collecting Forms

After the employees enroll, all enrollment forms are sent to our office for processing and distribution to the appropriate carrier. We maintain all eligibility in our office for future reference. In some cases we prepare a single monthly bill for each plant combining all carriers onto one bill for the plant with one line item per employee. We then prepare a common remittance report for each carrier involved.

Step 9: Ongoing Management Support For COBRA, FLMA, And Other Issues

We provide an ongoing source of information for your plan management about how to handle problems with FLMA and COBRA. For most clients, we also provide COBRA administration including initial notification, HIPAA certificates of coverage, monthly billing and all carrier notifications. We also supply our clients with an online HR and benefit resource as well as a monthly newsletter with valuable HR updates.

Step 10: Maintaining Monthly Claims Experience

We maintain monthly claims experience for large groups (100+ lives). This allows us to keep management informed of potential rate increases in advance of the renewal.

Step 11: Working With Carriers For You

As your employee population changes through new hires, and terminations this all brings paperwork to your HR department. We can offload this paperwork by doing this for you. You just send an email with the changed information and new applications and we will process this with the carriers for you. Often you will have multiple carriers so this can be time consuming. If we are maintaining a census for you we will update that at this time as well. Census maintenance also serves to assist you with your monthly billing reconciliation.

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