Employee Benefit Management

As your broker, Planning Services provides many services to make employee benefit management, implementation and administration easier for you. With ever-changing laws and requirements as well as time constraints on your staff, these services can make a huge difference for your HR maintenance responsibilities and costs. Planning Services offers the clients they represent the following services:

Annual Analysis of your Benefits - Planning Services will sit down with you at each renewal period and carefully review your past year's claims as well as changes in your business to design a comprehensive benefits plan that custom fits your company's needs.

Rate Negotiation - As a broker we work for you, not the insurance carriers. We are known for fighting hard for our clients for better renewal rates and claim mitigation. As an example, we were recently able to reduce a medical renewal rate increase from 15.5 % to under 3% and dental renewal rate increase from 18% to under 10%. This takes time and effort but we feel it is one of the most important services we perform. Many times brokers will just increase your deductible or lower benefits to get your rates to where they need them. In some cases, this has to be a part of the solution but at Planning Services we always fight to maintain your benefits for the best possible price first.

Enrollment Meetings - At Planning Services we never ask the carriers to come out to perform an enrollment meeting for you and we never expect our clients to stand alone in this process. We will personally send our own staff on site to enroll your group and make sure that any questions they have are answered to their satisfaction. We want to ensure that your employees fully understand their benefit and educate them on things they can do to help keep everyone’s benefits affordable.

Benefit Maintenance - Planning Services will update all of your employee changes for you with the carriers so you don't have to. This can include adding new employees, terminating employees, adding or deleting dependents, ordering new identification cards, address updates etc. You just send us the information and we will take it from there.

Claims Mitigation - When your employees come to you with claims that they have issues with, it costs the company time that employee has spent initially trying to resolve and understand the issue themselves as well as time away from your HR department when they have to intervene. Claims issues can be confusing and time-consuming, especially when you do not work with them every day and do not know who to call for help. As a result, many issues go unresolved and employees become discouraged and dissatisfied with the benefits you are trying to provide them. At Planning Services we encourage not only your HR department but also your employees to call us directly any time they have a question about a claim or a bill. We have inside representatives we can work with to quickly and efficiently handle these types of problems so you don't have to.

COBRA Administration - If you have over 20 employees, then COBRA is a concern of yours. For groups under 20 you must still comply with State Continuation. Planning Services offers one of the most nominal COBRA Administration fee plans available to our clients. We will issue initial Department of Labor letters to new employees, send COBRA letters to terminated employees, administer your COBRA participant's plans for you and offer and maintain state continuation.

ERISA Compliance Review - If not handled properly, this can be a confusing and expensive process. We review all procedures to be sure that all filings are complete and current. We find many clients that have not been properly filing IRS Form 5500s or that Summary Plan Descriptions have not been properly filed with the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor continuously performs random audits of businesses and brokers with regard to ERISA compliance. The Department of Labor performed a full audit of our office early 1991 and found no violations of ERISA compliance for any of our clients, past and present.

Wellness Plans - If you are a large group, you are well aware that there are different rules you have to play by. For large groups and especially those that are self-insured, we have found that by implementing our customized Wellness Plans and Health Fairs annually we have had clients that have enjoyed rate passes and even rate decreases in as little as 2 -3 years of implementation. As an experienced broker, we understand what the carriers are looking for and build that into our Wellness Programs. Not only can you benefit from rate reductions but you will also have a healthier working population with fewer sick days, FMLA claims, and accidents as well as increased overall well-being and satisfaction in your employees.

Working Relationships - Planning Services is not a brokerage firm that you will only see or hear from at your renewal date. We are in constant contact with our clients assisting them with their plan and making sure the benefits they have both meet their satisfaction as well as their ever-changing working environment.

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